Click-through service

During this period when we have no regular services we have this opportunity to have this shared worship space where we can explore different ways of worshipping, whilst we are ever mindful of the members of our fellowship, and also the wider community.

We hope to add new items each week and welcome contributions from members of our fellowship.

Please use this space to help you meditate, pray and spend time in worship knowing that many other members are sharing with you and upholding you in prayer.


March 22 2020


Please read this before you start the service

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In the bottom right hand corner of each video there is a small square symbol.
If you click this after starting each video, it will play full screen.

When the video finishes, click again the symbol in the corner and the size will reduce, so
that you can see the next item in the service.

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Welcome to worship

Lord I come before your throne of Grace  
He is exalted  
Time of prayer  
Simon of Cyrene's story  
Brother, sister, let me serve you  
Reading Matthew 6:16-18  
Song: Jesus, all for Jesus  
Hymn: Guide me O thou great Redeemer