Bookham Youth Centre

(A new Experience, about Regeneration, at A centre that belongs to the community)

The local Youth Centre has been under threat of closure by Surrey County Council, for some time. After some negotiations the County Council have agreed in principle to let the Youth Centre to a Local Management Group, in order to ensure that it remains available as a community resource. This is on the understanding that there will continue to be a core and essential focus on provision for children and young people, but supported by a range of other community focused activities. The County Council’s Youth Service are committed to providing Youth Club activities on two evenings a week. The rest is up to us!

A small newly formed Local Management Group has been formed, and are inspired to realise their vision for the future of Bookham Youth Centre and how it can be developed as a community resource. They are open to suggestions from residents of Bookham about how the centre could and should be used.

Maybe you or your organisation have something to offer to the young people of Bookham?
Maybe you or your organisation could benefit from using the centre
Maybe you or your organisation have some views about gaps in provision for young people and other groups locally which you would like to see developed through this initiative?

They are working hard to make the vision a reality. If you want to engage in some way with this project, let them know your ideas, or just send a message of support, then please do get in touch.

Contact: Sue Lawrence for BYC Local Management Group
              Bookham Youth Centre, 164 Lower Road, Bookham, KT23 4AQ
              Tel:        01372 458046

February 2008